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ICTHub Sim Only Data Deals

Get Sim Only Data Deals from R279 Per Month.

40GB + 40GB


Purchase Plan
  • The Basic Package from ICTHub provides essential VoIP services without any monthly subscription costs.
  • Users can enjoy free calls to other ICTHub VoIP numbers globally, and retain their existing geographic phone number.
  • Ideal for small businesses looking to streamline communication without additional overhead costs.

80GB + 80GB


Purchase Plan
  • ICTHub's Professional Package offers enhanced VoIP features tailored for growing businesses.
  • In addition to R199 monthly subscription costs, it includes free calls to all ICTHub VoIP numbers worldwide.
  • Users benefit from advanced call management features and priority customer support, ensuring reliable communication for medium-sized enterprises.

120GB + 120GB

R449/Once Off

Purchase Plan
  • Designed for large enterprises, the Enterprise Package by ICTHub provides robust VoIP solutions with comprehensive features.
  • Enjoy all the benefits of zero monthly subscription costs, along with unlimited free calls across the ICTHub VoIP network.
  • This package includes customizable solutions, dedicated account management, and advanced analytics, making it ideal for businesses needing scalable and secure communication solutions.

Zero Monthly Subscription Costs

Unlike traditional landline providers, ICTHub Creative Studios VoIP has no monthly line or rental fees. This allows businesses to significantly reduce their ongoing communication expenses, freeing up budget for other critical operations.

Free Calls to Other ICTHub VoIP Numbers

Make free calls to anyone or any number on the ICTHub Creative Studios VoIP Network, anywhere in the world. This feature facilitates seamless communication between team members and clients who are also on the ICTHub Creative Studios network, promoting collaboration and reducing overall call costs.

Keep Your Geographic Number

Retain your existing geographic phone number when switching to ICTHub Creative Studios VoIP. This ensures continuity for your business, allowing clients and customers to reach you at the same number they are accustomed to, avoiding the confusion and potential loss of contact that can come with changing phone numbers.

Pure Per Second Billing

Pay only for the exact duration of your calls with per-second billing. This means you are not charged for any unused seconds, making your call expenses more accurate and potentially lower. This billing method is ideal for businesses looking to optimize their communication budget, as it ensures you only pay for what you actually use.